Service Provider

Service Provider


Hundreds of sequencing service providers all over the world cater to the ever increasing demand for sequencing genomes at various levels.  The dwindling cost of sequencing, especially with the rapid adaptation of Next Generation Sequencing has fuelled the growth of sequencing service providers and this sector alone is expected to grow at a rate of 24% annually to be a billion dollar industry in USA alone by 2020. Most of these sequencing service providers would like to add the cutting edge bioinformatics solutions as required by their customers, but often fail to provide that for obvious reasons. It has become increasingly evident that sequence data generation is much simpler than making sense of this voluminous data. Sequencing service providers can definitely increase their customer base by adding the latest bioinformatics support. However, it’s easier said than done. Most of these service providers have the expertise in sequencing technologies and maintaining the quality standards that are required to be met in this industrial sector. Their focus is not on the bioinformatics support and most of them have a minimal team of in-house bioinformaticians to add some value to the raw data generated. Under such circumstances, to have access to virtually unlimited hardware support and best of the breed bioinformatics support would be a boon to this industry.


CloudSeq is the ideal choice for all such bright and brilliant Life Scientists as:



  1. Access the world renowned panel of experts at CloudSeq with wide ranging experience in various aspects of Life Sciences focusing on NGS.
  2. One to one private and confidential online meetings to understand your exact requirements
  3. Provide a comprehensive set of proposals so that you can choose the one that suits you best, academically and financially
  4. Professional documentation with clear deliverable goals and realistic timeline


  1. Access the latest NGS technology in well maintained, state of the art Genome Sequencing Centres through our partners in academia and industry
  2. Well trained research technicians in NGS technology
  3. Complete logistics chain from sample collection to sequence data delivery
  4. Real time sample tracking and sequencing status through CloudSeq platform
  5. Interactive CloudSeq platform enables the end-user to decide, in real time, whether to proceed with sequencing or not based on QC, thus saving valuable time, money and effort.
  6. Various pricing options that suit every budget requirement


  1. Access the best possible hardware resources, including a possible access to Supercomputer, through our partner A*CRC, Singapore (
  2. Option to choose AWS (Amazon Web Services) to host CloudSeq platform
  3. Highly stable, secure and scalable
  4. Managed and maintained by world class IT professionals
  5. Attractive payment options through CloudSeq platform


  1. Totally Cloud based: no infrastructure costs, no hardware maintenance costs, no overheads and no additional man power requirement.
  2. Customized local database setup with the option to choose XML backbone as the database size grows
  3. Industrial standard XML/XQUERY based knowledge base setup that meets the exact end-user requirement
  4. Future proof with Open stndards
  5. Highly scalable and secure (MTCS and ISO27799 compliance)
  6. Access your data from anywhere in the world through Cloud using a secure web client


    • Single button custom workflows with latest algorithms
    • Intrinsic High Performance Computing capability to distribute compute intensive algorithms automatically
    • Highly scalable: from tens of cores to thousands of cores
    • Possible Supercomputer access for really tough and challenging tasks
    • Totally transparent with end user configurability (drag and drop) and parameterization.
    • No black boxes any more.