CloudSeq Pte Ltd, Singapore

CloudSeq Pte Ltd.,is registered in Singapore in May 2014 by Dr D T Singh and Mr Teck Sin Lim with the vision to provide Cloud based bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing services to meet the burgeoning global demand in this area. Together, they have 30 years of domain expertise and extensive business network in the region. CloudSeq has successfully raised Tier1 funding in July 2014 through Expara/ IDMPO with the mandate to setup a Technology showcase in the Cloud that would form the basis for future CloudSeq platform. The CloudSeq platform is an innovative and interactive platform that combines the SAAS concept with Project based deliverables to cater to a wide ranging Life Sciences community worldwide. The major technological innovation of the platform is its ability to provide a complete solution to the end user. It is fully customizable catering to the exact requirements of the end user, thus making it highly competitive and affordable

The key component of the CloudSeq platform is the highly end user friendly Workflows that are dynamic and fully transparent to the end user, unlike the black box vertical modules provided by several competitors. Moreover, CloudSeq platform is highly scalable from tens of cores to thousands of cores. CloudSeq has successfully partnered with A*CRC to bring Supercomputing facilities to its end users. To the best of our knowledge, no other company in this region can boast of such resources. Similarly, CloudSeq plans to partner with the premier ASTAR institutes such as Genome Institute of Singapore, IMCB etc. to provide the latest genome sequencing technologies to its clientele. Many of these institutes have the latest equipment to perform Next Generation Sequencing on a large scale. CloudSeq will partner on a need basis to utilize the excess capacity available. Thus, from a business perspective, we do not have high overheads and can pass on the competitive rates to our clientele. However, our main focus and revenue generation shall be based on the Cloud based Bioinformatics platform.

We perceive two major streams of revenue: SAAS based and Project based. SAAS will be on pay per use basis and on monthly subscription of the platform. CloudSeq platform is totally committed to open standards and thus is future proof. It is Java based and thus amenable to integrate any third party APIs. The CloudSeq technology allows rapid implementation of latest algorithms in the rapidly growing area of NGS. We have already implemented several algorithms and created NGS workflows to cater to the end users in Clinical Genomics, Agrigenomics and Metagenomics.

We have recently completed a NGS workflow based project for a well-known Agricultural Biotechnology company. We have already generated a healthy pipeline of leads from various academia and industrial players from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India. We plan to undertake aggressive sales and marketing of this platform over the next year to establish our mission: to provide complete and affordable Cloud based NGS services to global customers.