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Next Generation Sequencing accelerates Molecular Breeding with high precision. Availability of large number of molecular markers makes Breeding Value Estimation of important animals and crops a reality. Thus, NGS is the boon for ushering in the next Green Revolution to feed the ever growing global population. NGS data management and analysis is more critical than NGS data generation. And THAT is our core competence.

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Precision Medicine era is here. Personalized health care, based on individual's genome is no longer a science fiction. The rapid advances in NGS technology, has made bedside genome sequencing a distinct feasibility. Critical decisions can be made with more precision and accuracy based on genome data. Thus, NGS is the boon for a healthier human society. NGS data management and analysis is more critical than NGS data generation. And THAT is our core competence.

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The recent emergence of infectious diseases starting from SARS to Ebola has made many Governments across the world to notice their impact on Global economy. Many such diseases cannot be studied in isolation for their overall impact. Hence, Metagenomics has been identified as the main defence against such economically devastating threats. NGS is ideally suited for Metagenomics where the data analysis plays a very critical role in predicting and preventing pandemics. And THAT is our core competence.

CloudSeq Platform

CloudSeq is an innovative platform that makes Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) projects easy to run and manage without clients needing to purchase expensive sequencing instruments or computer hardware. With absolute transparency, security and confidentiality, CloudSeq strives to be your trusted research collaborator for all your sequencing projects.

Initially, we offer sequencing technologies from both Illumina and Pacific Biosciences. A third option using Ion Torrent from Life Technologies will be made available shortly. All our services come with comprehensive bioinformatics support that includes data management and data analysis

More Advantages of Cloud Seq

Rapid implementation of various sequence related projects.

Choose from a wide repository of pre-configured packages of sequencing technologies and data analysis pipelines or customise your own solution.

Accessibility to rapidly evolving sequence technologies and latest algorithms for sequence assembly, annotation and analysis.

All our processes are compliant with several international standards.

Key Advantages

Highly Secure

Secure, transparent and confidential. Highly secure and transparent with utmost confidentiality. No conflict of interest at any level.

Effective Cost

Cost effective and affordable. We offer highly competitive pricing on a global level; keeping within budgets of regional biotech industries and academia.

Cloud Workflow

Cloud based customizable workflows for sequence assembly, annotation and analysis using latest and most relevant algorithms for your project